February 2019 News

February 12th, 2019

Opportunities for Juniors, Apply now!

Lead United is accepting application from current juniors who wish to participate next year. The link to the application and more information about the program can be found here. Applications are due March 22, 2019. http://liveunitedclarksville.org/lead-united-student-service-council/

Mayor’s Youth Council is accepting applications from current juniors. Interested students need to complete the application and consent form. Copies were emailed on Feb 25th and are also available on the bookcase outside of the counseling office. Due April 1, 2019

Tennova Volunteen at Tennova Healthcare – Seniors can apply for this one too! They have two 2 week sessions. June 17-28 and July 8-19. Applications are on the bookcase. Due April 4, 2019

Food Initiative–  This is a PAID opportunity for juniors who want to learn more about hunger needs in our community, health/nutrition, and growing foods! They have two 4 week sessions. June 3-June 28 and July 8-Aug 3. Applications available at https://www.thefoodinitiative.org/syp/  Due April 4, 2019

Mayor’s Emerging Leaders– This is an opportunity for juniors for the upcoming school year. Applications are due May 2nd.  https://mcgtn.org/news/mayors-emerging-leaders-applications-being-accepted-2019-2020-school-year 

Law Firm Internship– The Kennedy Law Firm will be hosting a summer internship and will be visiting on Tuesday, April 16th at noon to give students more details about the program. The is only a week so you’d have plenty of time for other summer activities. Click here for an application.