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What is a Middle College?
Middle College is a unique collaborative program between Clarksville-Montgomery County School System and Austin Peay State University that enables junior and senior high school students throughout the district to obtain a quality high school education while concurrently receiving direct and invaluable access to college courses. Middle College at Austin Peay State University is a program that integrates high school, college, and career training all set on a university campus.

Who is eligible to apply?
Potential Middle College students may be characterized by the following: - Seeks intellectual stimulation found in a rigorous curriculum - Desires a more mature learning environment - Demonstrates the maturity to cope with the challenges and relative freedom of a college environment - Holds a sincere conviction in the importance of education, but does not value the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the traditional high school. Middle College will offer 120 CMCSS juniors and seniors the opportunity to earn their high school degree on a university campus

What are the Admission Requirements?
CMCSS sophomores can apply during the winter of their 10th grade year. Candidates must complete an application.  Applicants must have a GPA of 2.85 or an ACT of 20. (An ACT score is not required for admission.) A limited number of CMCSS juniors are accepted to attend their senior year. Admissions decisions are based on grades, courses taken, attendance, discipline, test scores, and the interview with the student. In the interview we are looking for students who have the maturity/responsibility to function in a college environment, to self-advocate, and to make college classes a priority in their lives. Please note that no students are guaranteed admissions. 

What Pathways are available?
Three pathway are available at the Middle College: Associate, Fine Arts, and Transitional.  

Which high school classes do I need to take prior to attending Middle College?
Classes with * must be completed, if needed, before you enter Middle College. The others are recommendations.

    • *English I, *English II
    • *Algebra I, *Geometry
    • World History/Geography
    • *Physical Science, *Biology
    • At least the 1st year of your foreign language
    • Wellness and PE
    • Government
    • Computer Science

What is the Fine Arts Pathway?
Fine Arts Pathway- Students selected for this pathway will complete 18 to 30 hours of college coursework in fine arts focusing on one of the following: music (vocal or instrumental), theater, dance, visual art and design, or creative writing in addition to completing the high school classes required for graduation. Students must have prior experience in their chosen field in order to be considered for this pathway. Students on this pathway do NOT have to attend summer classes. Please note that indicating interest in this pathway does NOT guarantee that you will be selected for this pathway.

What is the Transitional Pathway?
Transitional Pathway- The majority of Middle College students will be on the Transitional Pathway. In addition to their required high school classes, students on this pathway will complete 18 to 30 credit hours of college coursework in a variety of areas. Some college level classes may be general education college classes while others will be related to specific college major exploration. Students on this pathway do NOT have to attend summer classes.

What is the Associate Degree Pathway?
Associate Degree - This pathway gives students the opportunity to complete an Associate in Liberal Arts Degree in conjunction with their high school course work.  Associate Degree Pathway students will begin classes during the summer between their sophomore and junior year in high school.  They will continue to take required classes throughout the remainder of their high school years, to include classes during the summer between their junior and senior year. At the end of their senior year, students will have earned both a high school diploma from CMCSS, as well as an Associate Degree from APSU. Students who pursue this pathway have fewer high school classes because the assigned college classes will satisfy most of their high school requirements. Please note that indicating interest in this pathway does NOT guarantee that you will be selected for this pathway.

Are there any expenses to attend Middle College?
Through the utilization of grants and scholarships, Middle College students will not be required to pay tuition nor will they incur the expense of textbooks. Students will be apprised regarding any fees which may be assessed.

What are the outcomes from the Middle College experience?
Upon completion of the program, students are expected to have achieved the following:- High School graduation- Accumulation of college credits and early preparation for college of an Associate of Liberal Arts- Increased maturity and independence- Identification with a community of learners- Enhanced academic achievement

What high school will be listed on my diploma?
Since Middle College is an accredited high school and students who attend Middle College have actually transferred from another accredited high school, all diplomas will be conferred by the Middle College at Austin Peay State University.

Will I have a graduation ceremony?
Middle College graduates are recognized and receive their diplomas during a commencement ceremony which is scheduled in accordance with the other high schools in the district.

How many college credits can I earn?
On the Fine Arts and Transitional Pathways juniors take one three-hour college course each semester and seniors take two three-hour courses each semester for a total of at least 18 college credits. Students who earn an associates degree will have a total of 60 college credits.

May I take more than the required number of college courses?
As funding permits, students on the Fine Arts and Transitional pathways may have the opportunity to take additional college classes.

Will my credits transfer to another college?
Students who attend Middle College do not have to remain to Austin Peay to retain their college credits. Credits will transfer to other colleges and universities.

What is the typical schedule of a Middle College student?
The Middle College does not follow the same daily schedule as the traditional high school. High school courses follow the schedule of Monday/Wednesday/ Friday or Tuesday/ Thursday similar to college courses. Each student has a different schedule based on the days and times of his/her college class/ classes and the days and times of his/her high school classes. The Middle College does not have set begin or end times. If a student’s first class begins at 1:10 on M,W,F, then he/she doesn’t report until the start of the class. If a student completes all his/her classes by 10:00 a.m., he/she may leave campus.

Is transportation provided?
Students who attend Middle College will be responsible for their own dependable transportation to and from the college campus. CMCSS will not provide school bus transportation. However, as a student at Austin Peay, you will be able to ride the city’s transit system free of charge with the Bus Pass. In addition, students who drive to school will be issued an APSU parking sticker which will allow them to park in the designated student parking lots.

Who teaches the classes?
High School classes are taught by high school teachers and only include high school students. College courses are taught by college professors and will have college students in them.

Can I get an Honors/Highest Honors diploma?
Middle College offers only the Honors diploma due to the required AP classes in order to obtain the Highest Honors diploma. AP classes are not offered at Middle College. If a student enters Middle College with the required AP classes to meet the Highest Honors diploma then he/she will be awarded a Highest Honors diploma.

Will we participate in Academic Awards Banquets?
Students who meet the requirements will participate in the same awards banquets as the other students in the district.

Will we have a prom?
Yes!  Both juniors and seniors may attend.

Can we play sports? Can we attend Middle College and return to our zoned school to play sports?
Middle College does not have athletic programs. If a student wishes to continue with his/her participation in a sport or other extra-curricular activity, he/she should not attend Middle College.

Where do we eat lunch?
The University Center has a food court, cafeteria, and coffee shop. There are also snack bars on campus. Students can also bring lunch or eat off campus.

If I start the program as a junior, will I have to reapply for my senior year?
Upon being admitted to Middle College, you will remain until you graduate, as long as you meet academic and discipline standards.

Do I attend my home school as well?
No. Once you enroll in Middle College, you are no longer considered a student at your previous school. In fact, you are viewed as a visitor when you are on their campus.

Will I be able to receive scholarships to pay for my college after Middle College?
Yes!  Taking and being successful in college classes as a high school student is a great way to stand apart from other applicants and show that you have the maturity and ability to be succesul in college. Our recent graduates average over $100,000 per student in scholarship awards. 

If I have more questions, who can I contact?
Dr. Casebolt, the principal, will be more than happy to answer your questions.